Sporting Dog Training

Hunting Dog Training for Pointers, Flushers and RetrieversDogs are run and trained every day it is safe for them to do so. Some days may entail a group “fun run” that may go as far as ten miles. We feel this builds group harmony and allows the dogs to release pent up energy. After they’ve been able to run free, they are much more able to receive training on wild birds, obedience, and problem areas such as gun shyness, range issues, bird related issues, or basic obedience.

In the event you do not hunt and neither does your dog, we also offer conditioning stays that focus on fitness and touch on training concepts daily as well.

Training Season

We train, board and work dogs all year long. Vacationing? Send them up for the time of their lives. We offer transportation from as far away as Connecticut in an effort to reduce drive time for our clients. Please contact us in the event you have any questions regarding getting your dog to us here in northwestern Maine.

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