Wild Bird Clinics

Wild Bird Clinics – Introductory Level

Come stay with us for a weekends worth of training, running dogs, and taking a peak into our life of professional gun dog training.

Regardless of how many released birds you put your dog on or they put themselves on – nothing compares to the experience your dog gains by running on wild birds. To watch younger dogs mature is a magical experience – but to watch them understand how a bird is going to act – it just leaves you speechless. Through time, experience, repetitive exposure to both training and of course birds themselves, your hunting partner may very well complete their freshman or sophomore year in the college of Mother Nature – Wild Bird Campus.

Our most common train and stay clinic here at Grey’s consists of arrival on a Friday evening to enjoy appetizers, dinner, and a group discussion about dogs, birds, and all the training that we all enjoy so very much. Saturday morning starts with an early breakfast followed by an entire day in the woods with your dogs running and training on wild birds, and pen raised birds in the event you arrive during nesting season. Return in the evening for appetizers and dinner. Sunday morning starts with another early breakfast, running, and training until mid-day. We return to Grey’s mid-day to allow you to return home with your training attitude renewed and refreshed so you can effectuate all you learned here with us.

Introductory Curriculum

  • Basic yard work
  • Basic field work
  • Steadiness drills
  • Wild bird exposure
  • Appropriate cover
  • Handling your dog to hunt
  • Basic canine first aid (field care)
  • Group training and one on one training during the weekend

Wild Bird clinics – Advanced Level

Know what you’re doing in the woods but want to learn how to hunt more effectively with your dog to increase the likelihood of finding more birds? This advanced level Wild Bird Exposure Clinic is exactly what you’re looking for.

Focused toward experienced hunters that are comfortable with woods navigation yet are open minded enough to learn while in the woods, this clinic is for handlers who want to learn a more efficient criteria for scouting and hunting coverts to reliably and consistently up your bird numbers. Additionally, learn several different methods of running covert to produce better results, problem-solving and patterning for your dogs, outdoor food preparation, cooking techniques while in the woods, as well as first aid methods and mock situations that will help you feel liberated come bird season.

Look forward to putting a great deal of miles on the trucks, the dogs, and of course, us. Lunches will be prepared in the field at a remote location while dogs and clinic participants rest. Each day will be broken into two segments – breaking down the art of scouting, and part two will be putting that plan into action and getting your dogs on birds to prove your theory correct.

Train and Stays are limited to five handlers per weekend starting April 1. Spaces fill quickly, so please contact us if you are interested.

Contact us for pricing and any other questions you may have.

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