Intermediate Retrievers / Flushers

Sometimes, the everyday requirements and responsibilities we all share take away from the training plans you have for your retriever or flusher. Unfortunately, these deficiencies come to light when? During your initial phases of the hunting season – often times when someone without a dog has come with you, which not frustrates the people on the outing, but the dog as well. We are not “frustration advocates” here at Grey’s – we love success and upbeat dogs, which result in motivated trainers bringing a dog along farther and farther each year.

We’ll start our intermediate level training seminar by covering some basics and foundation principles that will enable us to move forward with more complicated tasks. Don’t let the word “complicated” intimidate you – we’ll break down those tasks for you so you know how to introduce and maintain these new elements in your training schedule.

We’re going to show you an extremely effective way to plan out your training schedule – on paper – and follow it through the use of a plan the whole family can work on around the house, as well as a plan that will put things into motion out in the field. Don’t let those summer times activities get the best of you – by attending this seminar we’ll show you ways to get the best of both worlds, and end up with a stellar flusher or retriever come fall and hunting season.

For cost, site location, and any other questions, please contact us.

Topics to be Covered

  • Retriever / Flushing Dog Fundamental Review
  • Initial Phase Troubleshooting
  • Yard Work Command Structure
  • Field Work Commands
  • Bird Exposure Drills
  • Handling Demonstrations
  • Questions & Answers
  • First Aid Basics
  • BBQ to end the day
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