Seminars & Clinics

Each seminar will offer refreshments and continental breakfast to start the day off right. From there, take to the field with your dogs to cover the various aspects of each seminar. Break mid-day for a catered grilled lunch, and return to the field to finish off the afternoon. After our afternoon session, come enjoy a great meal and evening refreshments, and get to know your fellow class members, and pick up even more tips and tactics to enable you to handle your hunting dog more effectively.

With each seminar or clinic, you’ll also be able to either introduce or re-introduce your dog to various bird exposure drills which may include puppy introductions, started dog trouble-shooting, or touch up that experienced dog with some flushing and steadiness drills.

Give us a call should any questions come to mind, and we’ll look forward to seeing you at one of the seminars or clinics listed below. Course dates for 2017 have yet to be determined. Click on the following links for more information.

Introduction to Pointer Training

Introduction to Flushers / Retriever Training

Introducing the E-Collar

Intermediate Pointer Training

Intermediate Flushers / Retriever Training

Wild Bird Exposure Clinics