Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guarantee success?

No. We feel uncomfortable in guaranteeing success that is based on Mother Nature. We guarantee that we will make every whole hearted effort to expose you to the wild game that we pursue, and as much of it as we can. We also feel uncomfortable in guaranteeing success based on your shooting, as if we haven’t guided for you in the past, we’re not sure on your shooting experience or ability. That being said, we guarantee that you will see beautiful dog work, have opportunities at as much game as we can find with our dogs, and afford you the opportunity to shoot. The rest is up to you.

What equipment is provided?

Depending on the hunt, we can in fact offer some limited equipment. However based on the hunting conditions, you will need to supply your own equipment. This is important because if for instance, a waterfowl hunt is scheduled during extremely frigid conditions, only clothing that fits you individually will keep you warmest, safest, and most comfortable during your outing. Additionally, if we’re putting on miles during a grouse hunt, clothing that does not fit appropriately can wear you down, finishing you before your time – and ours. Let us know what you need, and we will make arrangements for you to make your trip as comfortable as it can be.

Are licenses included in the cost?

No. Please visit Maine Inland Fisheries & Wildlife for license purchases and information regarding seasons, limits, and other information.

What times do the trips begin and end?

Depending on the trip and the daylight savings time, trips may begin as early as 3:30 am and end at noon or 1:00 pm, or begin as late as 7:00 am and go the duration of the entire day. Customize your trip by contacting us for more information.

What do I need to bring?

You need to bring a good attitude, a hearty appetite for our gourmet food, good footwear and, and respect for the outdoors. The rest is up to us. You may bring whatever other clothing you feel necessary and then based on weather conditions, decisions can be made accordingly.

Can I bring my own dog?

You may bring your own dog. This is based on your assessment of your dog’s skills, composition, and ability to follow instruction. If your dog is out of control and is repeatedly out of effective range and needing correction, there is a possibility the hunt could end early. The woods that we cover is extensive and remote, and it is not the responsibility of Grey’s Outfitting to look for lost dogs that have gone astray due to lack of control. Any type of excessive correction will not be tolerated and the hunt will be terminated immediately. We encourage positive correction and positive attitudes in the training yard and in the woods.

What guns and loads do you recommend?

For grouse hunting, suggested guns would include the twenty and twenty eight gauge with shot sizes ranging from #6 to #9. In the event you prefer to hunt a twelve, shot sizes between #7½ and #9. In the event your hunt may include an afternoon of pheasant hunting, we will “keep you in the know” so you can be prepared by bringing more appropriate rounds and guns. Recommended chokes are improved and modified, or skeet if it is available to you. Should you be waterfowling, ten and twelve gauges are recommended. Shot sizes from BB to #6 are suggested based on your preference of steel or Hevi-Shot™, or Bismuth™. Recommended chokes are full and modified.

How many birds will I see?

As with the guarantee, we feel uncomfortable in providing numbers to you with regard to how many wild birds you will see during an outing. In the past, we have had days afield hunting grouse and woodcock with twenty five flushes a day. We’ve also had days with significantly fewer. During waterfowling, you may see upwards of three thousand birds, though may only decoy ten to thirty. We will make every reasonably effort to put you in front of as many birds as we can. We don’t just do this for the money – we do it because we love it, and therefore, we’ll work hard for you. That’s just our style.

What if I need to cancel my scheduled hunt?

We realize that at times life’s every day hustle and bustle sometimes limit us from doing what we love. In the event you need to cancel a hunt, contact us as soon as possible. Though your 50% deposit is non-refundable it is transferrable and with enough notice we can rearrange schedules and if we can’t make dates work during the season you planned to come, your dates will be booked for the following year before any other trips are arranged.

What if you need to cancel my scheduled hunt?

If Grey’s Outfitting needs to cancel your hunt for any reason, you will be given a full refund or the opportunity to reschedule at a reduced rate. This does NOT apply to bookings cancelled due to weather (see below).

Do you cancel a hunt due to weather?

Upland bird hunts may be cancelled due to weather for obvious reasons. The majority of our upland work relies on our dogs, and with torrential downpours, or excessive heat, the scenting conditions become nearly impossible, and the chance of our dogs overheating grows into a very real possibility. No waterfowl hunts are cancelled for any reasons other than hurricane conditions which would render even the most seaworthy craft too dangerous to gun from, and deer hunts take place all day, every day.

Do you offer guarantees for dog training?

No. What we do offer is a free assessment consultation.

What does this afford you?

This provides you the opportunity to meet with Garret Booth and receive an honest and upfront professional opinion on where to go with training your dog. From there, if you both decide to plan a curriculum, Garret will customize a training schedule and meet with you once more at which point you will both start training. You’ll progress if YOU do your homework, and put the sweat equity into your bird dog.

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Yes we do. Email us or call us for more information!

What does it take to become a licensed Maine hunting and fishing guide?

See the prerequisites for becoming a licensed Maine hunting, fishing, recreation, whitewater or tidewater guide. For those interested in becoming licensed as a Maine Guide, we strongly recommend a guide license preparatory course offered by Carroll and Lila Ware of Fins & Furs Adventures. Click here for more information on their courses.

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