About Grey’s Outfitting

We’re about tradition. We’re about heritage and conservation. We’re about well trained dogs and exceptional reliability. We’re about good manners and incredible food. We’re about making your time afield worth the travel, the expense, and worth the planning. And summing it up, we consider ourselves teaching guides that want to share our love of the outdoors with our clients, and forging friendships that last a lifetime. A great majority of our clients become our friends, and to us, friends are family.

Garret Booth

Garret is a Registered Hunting, Fishing and Recreation Guide in both Maine and New Hampshire. Having guided hunts since he was eighteen years old for several very busy game bird preserves, Garret wanted to refine his approach to both hunting and guiding, and he’s never looked back. In doing so, he has been able to assess the needs of clients and combine them with an idealistic approach to personally guided hunts for upland birds, whitetail deer, waterfowl, fly fishing and any other outdoor adventure he finds himself on with clients. On average Garret is afield every day, all year either as a guide or simply for his own satisfaction. In doing so he is in tune with current conditions, migration status, and the availability of food sources. This enables him to offer you the most productive enjoyable day afield to maximize your exposure to what we offer. He has advanced training in CPR and First Aid methods, a very thorough knowledge of wilderness survival and orienteering methods, as well as first-hand knowledge of nautical conditions and methods to keep you safe – wherever you go with him. As a dog trainer, Garret has been professionally training dogs for over twenty five years. He has developed his own style that focuses on creating dynamic, well-balanced dogs that operate with manners both in the house and in the field.

Nellie Booth

Nellie was born and grew up in Peterborough New Hampshire with Golden Retrievers her entire life, and is an accomplished trainer of both pointing dogs and flushers alike. She plays a very active role in our boarding program with incoming dogs, enabling them to deal with their life better as a result of progressive training. Nellie handles a great deal of our sessions that focus on helping an overly-focused dog deal better with life by teaching the handler/owner the necessary skill set to counter balance some of the neurosis experienced by some – if not all – hunting dogs. Not only is she a skilled trainer, but Nellie is also responsible for all meals provided on our outings and clinics. She’s a phenomenally experienced Chef with twenty years of experience in the restaurant industry specializing in gourmet preparations, quality slow cooking, and a new spin on Traditional American – and let’s not forget an incredible pastry chef as well! Regardless of what it is that Nellie does, you can rest assured that either as a trainer or chef, you won’t be disappointed.

Jeff Pacheco

We met Jeff over eight years ago as a training client. We then finished his German Shorthair Colby, but the two kept coming back. When we began growing we thought of how honored we would be for Jeff to help us with our operations because of his care and his attention to detail. Jeff came on full-time in 2013 and will be testing for his Maine Guide’s License this year and we’re looking forward to updating his profile to announce his licensing.



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