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Nestled in the Kennebec River Valley beside Wyman Lake just south of the confluence of the Kennebec River, your outdoor adventure is as close as a step off the doorstep of your cabin, or thirty miles or more away from any pavement or building, depending on your preferences. We’re in the heart of some of the finest wing shooting, fishing, and big game hunting in the eastern United States and have the knowledge, experience, and passion to offer every opportunity that exists up here to you first hand, regardless of your preferences.

We take a holistic approach to training both pointing and flushing dogs as well as retrievers, and have done so full time for the last ten years. It is our life, love, and passion. It is what leads us outdoors every day regardless of weather or circumstance. In doing so we have come to know the area intimately and whether you own a dog or don’t, whether you fish or hunt or don’t, we want to share what the outdoors has to offer with you – all of us deserve it.

Garret M. Booth
Grey’s Outfitting

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